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since 1988

The decision to move from our home of 10 years in Kewarra beach was not a difficult decision. With working away constantly and the lifestyle of Cairns getting busier and busier, the focus to move to a smaller place and spend time as a family became our soul focus. We had spent a lot of time holidaying in the Douglas shire, and the idea of moving here became an exciting prospect. We had been looking at buying a business in our local area, but nothing stacked up like it did here, and thus, after a recommendation from our accountant to investigate the Goodies Cafe, here we are. The children were worried, we knew nobody, but the region welcomed us with open arms, the people very friendly, and the business continued it's long lasting tradition of success. To this day we are so happy we made the move, our son, an apprentice now at Malones butchery, our daughter getting straight "A" results {albeit 1 subject} at the local state school, our little Cafe going well we could not be happier. We love the job, and hopefully it shows in the food.

See you soon.

It all began one day in our kitchen....
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