Covid 19 Update:


Have you downloaded the CHECK IN QLD app yet? Now that the QLD government have made it mandatory for all customers at all food venues including supermarkets plus many other businesses, please take the time to get it now if you haven't got it already. It will save a lot of time and frustration. If you are absolutely unable to do this, come in and see us and we'll help you, if you don't have a device, you can use ours in store.

You can download at the link below



Check In Qld

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We now have a new qr code system keeping us up to date with the new regulations imposed on all QLD restricted businesses.

To keep a few of you at ease, this is not stored on a government tracking system, it is stored and can be called up, just like the paper ones we have been using, in the event that a covid19 positive visitor has been in our store. We also have a tablet in store to do this manually if you don't have the correct type of, or just don't have a phone.

For those who refuse to use either method and have concerns about using this technology, no problem, we still do takeaways and the check in is not required.

15/5/2020 New update! tomorrow we are opening with tables! we have completed our covid safe plan, risk assessment, printed posters and we can now actually have 10 people seated. Our takeaway and delivery service is still going so don't panic. See you tomorrow, and stay safe. remember, keep your distance, wash your hands and please, be nice to your mother

Ordering is available 7 days a week. Orders must be in by 6pm or earlier for same day delivery. You can order at any time for future pick up or delivery. order online or call 40981118

 Covid 19 is not here at Goodies!!! :) we want to keep it that way. if you have any signs of illness, please stay home until you are better. We value health over wealth any day.

How To Order for pick up or delivery: 

Click on the Online Ordering link above, select the delivery type and time on the right hand side, click on the menu you want, and follow the prompts.

We understand there is a lot of panic around the area, and we understand that people are not wanting to go out, so why not have your coffee and food delivered - Free?

Watch this space as we will be introducing a dinner menu 26th March 2020, yes, delivered to your door. 

Here's how it will now work:

Effective immediately, social distancing must be adhered to both in store and at your premises.

In order to keep everyone safe, we are only taking card for payment.

We prefer if you can pre order so we can give you an estimated time if you are picking up. This  will also effectively limit the number of people who will be at the premises.


Yes, we will look after you too, however, you may order online or by phone, but you can ONLY PAY BY PHONE. Upon arrival at your premises, no one can be present when we arrive, we will place your order on your doorstep and knock. If no answer, we will call you and let you know your food has arrived. Our food containers are all food grade and sealed for your safety. Once we are at a safe distance, you may retrieve your food.